Monday, November 14, 2011

Ars est celare artem

I have resisted for several years now to start blogging. Considering the huge amount of blogs out there I believe adding one more subjective source of information to be not only unnecessary but completely wasteful. I always looked it into this whole business from the consumer perspective and from that point of view the horizon already looks absolutely cluttered so I refused to add up to the problem by posting my ideas into a predefined HTML template.
Other thought that kept me from starting was the plain fact that I'm no that interesting, who would what to read what I want to say? I'm not a blogophagus to start with, I have like this set of 4 blogs I regularly read that are written by amazingly bright people so the thought of starting my own sounded to me like a disrespectful attempt to try to compare myself in some manner to the Scot Adams, Jeff Atwoods or ThundeF00ts of the world, which is in turn extremely intimidating, because what can I say that they can't in a more articulated way, what can I contribute that they haven already though or said.
Other though that prevented me from starting into the forbidden art of blogging was that if you are really pointing hi, if you are looking to affect someone out there you need to try to make your message reach a considerable amount of people so that among the masses you can actually reach someone that is in sync with what you are saying. To do that you need to transmit in the standard protocol of human communication on the internet, that is English. I'm not by any means a native speaker I have enough trouble trying to master the language which I grew up with, so attempting to weave a consistent intelligible message in a language which is mostly foreign to me is not only painful and slow but it opens up the possibilities of mistakes and misinterpretations (also ridicule when you make a childish error).
I opened this Blogger account several months ago but I had been avoiding the ominous realization that has been bugging me for weeks now. I have this sudden urge to write. So I came into the conclusion that I need to do this for a pure egocentric cause. I've been going through a critical phase of changes in my life, nothing really dramatic to be honest, its more like a period of auto-criticism and auto evaluation that has led me to a state of uncomfortable self-awareness which is probably the cause of the urge I feel. So I just decided to take this a s a cheep option to therapy (with the extra benefit that I don't have to leave my house or talk to a stranger that in principle studied his/her psychology because s/he was unable to deal with his/her own demons in a healthy way).
So I don't have any specific plans for this space, It has no unifying theme, no grand purpose, no pretentious goal. Its just written, digital catharsis and I think the title express it in a sufficiently ambiguous way which was what I personally intended:
"Ars est celare artem" --- "The true art is to conceal the art"
What art? What do you mean by concealing? It is too soon and this space to young to answer that just yet.