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Is the World Shrinking?

Humans are a social primates; that’s an evolutive fact that has been around for a while to the point that it is now collective common knowledge. This presents an obvious advantage if you add to the mix the fact that not only we create bonds to other close members of our species but we like to relate with basically any other members that we came across. We have evolved to be nice with each other. This grants us the ability to extend our influence and our inner circle beyond social, cultural and geographical constraints.

This has been an interesting phenomenon that has been studied for quite a long time. We have been tracing our origins with family trees and trying to find out what we fit in the big picture of society. One of those attempts to understand it is the pretty famous 6 degrees of separation (Also known as the Kevin Bacon's degrees of Separation) idea. The basic idea is this; Imagine that every person in the planet is a dot, and every relationship between them are lines t…

Ars est celare artem

I have resisted for several years now to start blogging. Considering the huge amount of blogs out there I believe adding one more subjective source of information to be not only unnecessary but completely wasteful. I always looked it into this whole business from the consumer perspective and from that point of view the horizon already looks absolutely cluttered so I refused to add up to the problem by posting my ideas into a predefined HTML template.
Other thought that kept me from starting was the plain fact that I'm no that interesting, who would what to read what I want to say? I'm not a blogophagus to start with, I have like this set of 4 blogs I regularly read that are written by amazingly bright people so the thought of starting my own sounded to me like a disrespectful attempt to try to compare myself in some manner to the Scot Adams, Jeff Atwoods or ThundeF00ts of the world, which is in turn extremely intimidating, because what can I say that they can't in a mor…