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Beyond Technicalities - The Importance of Soft-skills in Candidate Selection

When interviewing a new candidate to work in our team its easy to focus on the technical experience and knowledge s/he has. This is completely valid considering the candidate is intended to cover a position in the team that demands her/him to be as tech savvy as possible. However this in fact causes that we sometimes overlook on a set of skills that can prove far more vital to the general health of the project and to the development of the person we are interviewing than specific technical skills. I'm of course referring to soft-skills and general emotional intelligence. I can't overemphasis how critical it's for us to recognize skills that lay beyond technical knowledge during an interview. The ability to recognize those from those required technically means the difference between hiring someone who will be willing to learn and adapt to how we do things while eventually adding value to the team and hiring an otherwise apparently qualified individual with that turns into …