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The restless RESTful-ness

One of the things that I love of the software development trait is how fast things change. We are in a never stopping stream of new ideas, changing paradigms; the essence of pure innovation. However, once in a while we look back to old dusty corners of what we used to do and believe and find out that those old forgotten ideas taken from mistaken were actually right all the time. Such is the case for REST architecture, a pretty old idea that fell into oblivion just to become the new trendy buzzword a couple of decades later.
Just for historical context; REST architecture was created along with the HTTP specification almost 20 years ago. The idea behind REST is to provide access to resources via an URI, each URI returns the resource representation on a different state, part of the data retrieved from each step contains the means (links) to access a different resource's state (sounds pretty familiar when explained in that way, doesn't it). If you haven’t heard of REST until rec…